Geomarine Attain Environmental Accreditation

Geomarine Attain Environmental Accreditation

Geomarine are now ISO 14001 accredited following assessment from a third party certification body.  This joins their other accreditations for Health and Safety (ISO 18001) and Quality Management (ISO 9001).  ISO 14001 is an International Environmental Management Standard and one of the world’s most widely used standards.

Jenny Giles, Geomarine’s Environmental Manager explains more. “We work hard to address the principles of environmental protection, pollution prevention and reducing environmental impacts related to the day to day activities of the business.  With the introduction of a formal audited Environmental Management System we now record and measure our impacts and can focus our improvements to enhance our relationship with environment.”

In working toward this accreditation Geomarine have looked at ways to improve their environmental performance and recently put in place a number of initiatives including:

  • The purchase of 3 electric vehicles replacing petrol vehicles in their fleet.
  • The upgrade of Welfare facilities to encourage employees to cycle or walk to work.
  • The revision of standard work methodologies to place more importance on care for the environment
  • Developing new techniques to reduce material usage, including their advocation of and investment in new driven piling plant and materials research.
  • Increased waste separation improving waste handling, recycling and responsible disposal.
  • Increasing employee awareness of environmental issues and encouragement to do more.

“We are always looking to innovate, improve our business and reduce our environmental impact.  The achievement of ISO 14001 has been a vehicle to formalise this and record our successes.” Says Geomarine’s Managing Director, Tom Whitmore.