An Engineering Life in the Fast[er] Lane

An Engineering Life in the Fast[er] Lane

Becky McAllister, Geomarine Guernsey’s most recent engineering recruit, shares her unique perspective on transitioning from consultant to contractor:-   

“As a consultant engineer with Wood Plc., Geo’s client on the WTS project, it provided an excellent opportunity to influence designs from day one, to take ownership and be responsible for their content. I researched current best practice, developed practical solutions and worked with colleagues to send a design package ‘out the door’ including 3D models and a whole suite of drawings which was a great process to be involved in.

Fast forward to Guernsey and working alongside Gary, Maarten, Tim & the Geo team at the Waste Transfer Station for 18 months was a real eye opener into the challenges of life as a civil engineering contractor. Far from being put off, I was keen to make the change from consultancy to contracting.

Moving from the theoretical to the practical my focus has shifted to delivering the job whilst keeping everyone safe, appreciating which colleague’s skills should be applied, choosing the correct equipment and working out what order to complete tasks. 

The satisfaction for me now comes from physically completing a job, even if 90% of what I have done so far at Geomarine is now buried!” 

Gary Stevenson, Operations Director, finishes the story, “Becky has been a great addition to our team and seems to be handling the transition well with her sense of humour well and truly intact.”