Adapting for post Covid-19

Adapting for post Covid-19

The advantages of going local were evident at Troy Court where Geomarine overcame many logistical challenges to become the first company to start piling operations as Covid-19 lock-down eased. 

The works were originally designed around Geomarine Guernsey’s 21 tonne piling rig and operator. Works could therefore have been in abeyance until the lifting of the travel-ban but by redesigning the piles we were able to use our local piling team to install the piles using a rig hired from the UK. 

The main contractor acknowledged that our in-house design capacity and the obsession with solutions over problems allowed them to get on with their critical path substructure works prior to the lifting of the travel ban for specialist workers. 

This has led to negotiations around future works on all their schemes involving difficult geotechnical challenges and will potentially keep our geotechnical teams busy for the next four to five months.

The works consist of the design and installation of 296 driven tubular steel piles which is a follow on from sheet piling operations completed successfully in March.